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Hop2 Fare Guarantee

We guarantee the lowest price for every airline ticket or hotel reservation you book through us!
Find a lower price and we refund you the difference if it is more than $10.00. We reserve the right to provide a full refund.


Check if you qualify: 

  Lowest fare guarantee is honored within 24 hours from receiving your ticket receipt. 
  The lower price, including taxes and fees, must be available for booking on a website using the same currency, and same form of payment. 
  The lower price must be an exact match to the itinerary booked on, including airline, flight numbers, travel dates, airports, number of ticketed passengers, class of service, baggage and cancellation policy.
  For hotel reservations, the guarantee is for the same hotel, check-in and check-out dates, number of rooms, room type including bedding and view selection.


*Lowest fare guarantee does not apply to fares not available to the general public, such as corporate customers, military, students, and/or fares acquired through specific loyalty and reward programs. 
*Lowest fare guarantee does not apply for tickets issued outside of the 24 hours window, as the airlines may change fares for marketing purposes. 


Contact us within U.S. at 1-888-866-9303 or internationally at 1-415-573-3835 and tell us about the lower fare you’ve found and we'll verify it right there!