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Check-in Procedures

Hop2 provides you with an electronic ticket receipt that is to serve as your confirmation that the flights have been reserved and payed for. This does not replace boarding passes. 

Each customer will need to check-in directly with the airline in order to get their individual boarding passes. 

Depending on the airline you are flying, the check-in process may be different. Most airlines will offer check-in on their website between 24 and 72 hours prior to your scheduled departure. 

We recommend that you check-in as soon as you can as some of the airlines may also offer discounted baggage fees.

Click here to access your airline's website as well as their contact information.  Make sure you have your ticket number and airline confirmation number handy. 

On the day of the flight, make sure that you have checked with the airline for any additional requirements.  Airlines usually recommend arrival at the airport at least 3 hours ahead of your scheduled departure.

Plan in advance and ensure that you arrive at the airport with plenty of time. Your check-in process can vary from airline website to self-service kiosk or ticketing counter. 

Along with your travel documents make you sure have visas and/or health cards for the transit and final destination of your trip if this is required. 

At the airport:
If you are flying on a code-shared flight, you will go the "operated by" airline for baggage drop, gate and/or ticketing counter. 

If you trip involves multiple flights operated by different airlines, ask for the agent for the first flight for “all the way” boarding passes.