How can Hop2 provide such cheap fares?

Hop2 has access to fares that the airlines don’t publish on their websites. Whether you are travelling to New York, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Australia or Dublin, we can usually get you discounted fares.

Once the purchase is completed, will Hop2 mail the tickets to me?

Hop2 Travel issues electronic tickets, and therefore no tickets will be mailed to you. One of our representatives will contact you within one to two hours after your request is received, and will then electronically send you the tickets.

How can I pay for the tickets purchased through Hop2?

We accept all major credit or debit cards for bookings, including Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover Card*.
For credit/debit card payments, please make sure that you don't have a daily spending limit on your account. We recommend you check with your bank for sufficient funds to purchase your tickets prior to booking.

Also, please be advised that Hop2 requires credit card verification for all third party credit card transactions to protecting both Hop2 and our customers against any possible fraud attempts.

Hop2 also accepts as payment for tickets via wire transfers. Please note that no tickets will be issued until the funds post on our account. Please check with our Customer Relations team for more information.

* Note: Discover card may not be accepted by some airlines. If you choose an airline that does not accept Discover Card, our Customer Relations agents will contact you and advise on alternative payment methods.

What if my name, flights, or other reservation details are incorrect on my ticket?

Once a ticket has been issued, you may contact us within 24 hour to make necessary adjustments or void the ticket transaction without any airline penalties. Note that a voided ticket does not ensure the same ticket is available to book again.

Once the 24 hours period is over, the fare restrictions determine whether we are able to make any corrections and if there are any penalties that may be assessed. Understand that to bring our customers these great fares, most of the tickets we are selling are non-refundable, non-exchangeable, and non-transferable.

Hop2 encourages our customers to double check the names to ensure the ones on the ticket match the names shown on your passports or other travel documents. Even a small mistake in the name can cause a major inconvenience or prevent a passenger from using his/her ticket. Additionally, the process of correcting names on previously issued tickets is complicated and many airlines do not allow it at all.

Do I need a Passport or a Visa for my trip?

Hop2 Travel encourages customers to makes sure that at the time of boarding, each traveler carries a passport valid up to 6 months from the day of return. We cannot advise passengers on visa requirements, as some countries may require a Visa and/or health card. You may require a Transit Visa depending on the countries you are traveling through. Please contact the embassy of the country you are going to visit or transit through to get the up-to-date requirements. It is the passenger's responsibility to make sure you have all necessary travel documents in your possession at check-in.

Can I get a one-way ticket?

Definitely. However, please consider that traveling on a one-way ticket may be restricted by some countries and will require a proof of return ticket. If you are traveling on a one way ticket, it is your responsibility to make sure you are eligible.

What kind of discounts can I expect for child or infant tickets?

Most airlines will provide discounts for infants up to 2 years old after the date of return as well as children from 2 to 11 years. The fares for infants are usually around 10% of an adult fare and the usual discount for children is 75% of an adult fare - not including taxes and fees. However, some carriers might not provide these reduced fares for infants or children. Please check with our Customer Relations team for more information.

Will the infant get a seat along with the ticket?

Most airlines are selling infant fares with no seats, so if you are looking to purchase a seat for an infant, you will need to consider paying a child fare. Some of the airlines might not allow an infant on a separate seat. Please check with our Customer Relations team for more information.

How many pieces of luggage can I bring with me, and what are the fees?

Each airline will have their own policy related to baggage allowances, fees and excess baggage fees, so they will differ from each carrier. Please check directly with the airline or our Customer Relations team for the up-to-date baggage allowances and any fees.

Can Hop2 Travel help me with special requests like meals and seats assignments?

Definitely. For any requests related to seats, meals, wheelchair assistance, adding frequent flyer numbers or any other on-board services, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Relations team! Our agents are here to help and provide with all necessary information related to your trip.

What do I do in the event of schedule changes affecting my reservation?

Should an involuntary schedule change happen, please email our Customer Relations team with your contact and reservation information, or call us directly at (888) 866-9303.

Our travel specialists are constantly checking the reservations issued by us, and if something affects your ticket, we'll notify you. We also strongly recommend that you reconfirm all flights with airlines at least 72 hours before departure.

What happens if I miss my flight?

Missed flights are considered by the airline as “No-Show”, and in most of the cases are immediately suspended and therefore have no value. Hop2 Travel has no power to re-instate such tickets. We recommended that you check-in at the airport at least 3 hours prior to schedule departure.

Can I cancel my ticket?

Usually not. If you know you cannot travel, you must cancel your ticket with us or with airline at least 24 hours prior to the shown departure time. In the event the ticket is not canceled prior to departure, it will be treated by the airlines as "No-Show", and thus retain no value for exchange or refund. Hop2 Travel has no power to re-instate such tickets.

Note that an actual cancellation of reservation does not automatically initiate a refund. If fare rules allow exchanges and/or refunds, this must be processed prior to the scheduled departure.

If you wish to exchange or refund your ticket after the scheduled departure, you must obtain a written confirmation from our Customer Relations department. This confirmation may be obtained only prior to the scheduled departure.

Our Customer Relations department will email the confirmation on request, provided the fare rules allow exchanges or refunds after the scheduled departure.

Can I change the dates on my reservation or get a refund for my ticket?

For reservation changes, please contact our Customer Relations team at (888) 864-9303 or by email at CustomerRelations@hop2travel.com to speak to one of our agents who will help you determine if the tickets fare rules will allow changes or refunds. Once the request is placed, one of our representatives will assist you with processing the requested changes.